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Carol poster


New York. 50-th years of XX century. Beautiful, elegant and refined married woman Carol Jejrd is undergoing profound mental anguish because of marriage without love. Despite prosperous life in comfortable house and position in society, Carol feels devastated and unhappy, because the relationship with her husband long ago lost all colors and become a burden and nothing pleases except little daughter.

Christmas Eve Carol goes to the mall to buy a gift for daughter, where he met with a young saleswoman Thérèse. Carol knows that there are no coincidences in life and this encounter with the cute girl is ordained destiny. Strong, mature woman arouses Thérèse admiration and genuine interest. It increasingly starts to communicate with new girlfriend, not paying attention to her boyfriend, who dream about getting married. For a long time, Thérèse did not realize it, but familiarity with Carol helped all realize. That's just the price of freedom and love of two women for Carol will result in the loss of a daughter.

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