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In a World...

Carol is a lovely young woman with a very original work. Choosing a profession, he went in his father's footsteps and became a coach for speech-the man who voiced all sorts of videos and teaches others how to properly simulate different accents. Only here are not particularly satisfied with Carol what she has achieved. Its aim is to prove the father who makes trailers for movies that she could do the exact same work not worse than it is.

The problem is that every moviegoer, a filmmaker, a specialist in articulation. Yes that there generally any person at least once in their life who has seen the trailer with the off-screen monologue, knows that deep clean should be a male's recitative voice and certainly not women's timbre Carol. But she does not intend to give up. Let the father says that Carol should focus on accents and did not qualify for the more she wants to vocalize trailers "Amazonian" and for the realization of his dream to go to the end.

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