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The BFG poster


The Movie “THE BFG” revolves around a cute little girl and her adventures with the Giant. Sophie, is a cute, innocent and lovely, 10 years old girl. Her simple life changes when she, inadvertently come across a 24 foot tall Giant. Scared upon the encounter with the Giant, nervousness and fear rose in her. But the panicked and terrified girl, soon learns that the Giant is harmless. The polite, simple, friendly and the loving nature of the Giant banishes Sophie’s fears and they soon, become good friends.

The little girl and the Giant spend a great time together. Her friendship with the Giant becomes the reason for bringing thrill, excitement and too many adventures in her life. The Giant makes her experience once in a lifetime kind of adventures, but unable to cherish the happiness of the little girl and the good deeds of the Giant, few other giants begins to trouble them. Unable to solve the things by themselves, the little girl and the Giant, decides to go to Queen Victoria for help.

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