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The Final Destination poster

The Final Destination

Nick O'Brjennon together with friends is going to relax on the spectacular races. When they arrive at the scene, it is visited by a vision: as a result of a horrific accident killed many people, including friends Nick and himself. Nick talks about the others, some of them listen to it, and decide to play safe, leaving the kill zone. Nick vision put into practice, albeit with modifications: death toll is shorter than it could be. Only here at the death of their plans for people who escaped the terrible destruction, and she didn't like it when the victim trying to cheat it and prolong its life.

So almost immediately after the tragedy at racing people who was destined to die, begin to die in accidents. Nick and friends try to be vigilant and avoid any danger or even hint at it, but their efforts fail. Can I change plans for death, wait out a series of mishaps and still stay alive? Death does not agree, but our heroes are not going to give up.

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